Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Windy Day and Crary Offices: December 30,2012

Sunday was another windy day. I wandered out to Hut Point, didn't see any penguins, and then had the wind in my face on the way back, which was unpleasant. 

With all three balloon payloads up in the air, each team has a room for monitoring in Crary Lab. Our Super-TIGER room is in "Phase 1", which is conveniently located near the entrance.

Inside, there are three desks. JohnE and I each have one, and the third is shared with the other balloon groups (EBEX had a computer workstation there until recently, and now BLAST uses it as an overflow space). We have two laptops and JohnE's desktop from St. Louis, which serves as a local analysis machine and local web server. The extra monitors we have are just decorative. 

JohnE in our office.

Next door to us, the BLAST crew has a similar-sized office with many more screens crammed in. They have people in McMurdo monitoring around the clock, while we have only one shift here. They also have candy. 

Tristan, Steve, and Barth from BLAST.

BLAST also has a 4-screen data display in the corner that has an awesome background of their balloon during inflation.

EBEX is using a larger space downstairs, which is next to the Crary Lab aquarium. BLAST used that office for a day or so, and when we went to visit we got to see some of the fish and other sea creatures that people in Crary are studying, including some pretty massive toothfish.

Otherwise, Sunday was another quiet day. Monday will probably be pretty busy, so I'll probably have a big update then. 

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