Monday, December 17, 2012

A Sunny Trip Up Observation Hill: December 17, 2012

Monday afternoon I finally got a chance to hike up Observation Hill while the weather was nice. The view from the top is pretty spectacular when there aren't clouds in every direction. 

As we keep monitoring, we've settled into a routine. After finishing work around 2am, it's time for sleep for most of the rest of the morning. The afternoon is spent either supporting other shifts, or, on quiet days, relaxing in town. This is when I've been able to hike up Observation Hill (and will probably do other hikes in the future). Then it's time for dinner, and monitoring the payload from 7pm to 2am. We're almost halfway around the continent now.

Tuesday morning EBEX is going to attempt a balloon launch. I plan on waking up early to check the webcam/live feed on the CSBF website, and once balloon inflation starts (this takes about an hour) start climbing up Observation Hill to watch the actual launch. I think Richard plans on doing roughly the same thing (his flight was delayed, so he now leaves sometime early Wednesday morning).

If you missed the Super-TIGER launch, or just really like watching balloon launches, the link with webcam and live video is:

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