Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All The Way Around and BLAST Launch: December 26, 2012

Tuesday afternoon we got word that BLAST was going to have a launch attempt early Wednesday morning. At dinner, it sounded like launch would be around 6 or 7am, and since I didn't finish monitoring until 2am and was pretty tired, I decided to not wake up for the launch. They had a successful launch a little before 8am, and were up at 130,000ft before I woke up. Asad from EBEX got the launch on video:

Super-TIGER stayed within Line-Of-Sight antenna range from Willy Field all day Wednesday, and we got lots of good data down. Today we also officially passed our launch longitude, so we've gone one full trip around Antarctica.

Otherwise, there isn't too much new here. We've got another trip around the continent ahead of us, BLAST will be moving into the office next to us in Crary, and EBEX will hopefully be launched the next time the weather is suitable.

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