Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Day of Monitoring and Other LDB Experiment Blogs: December 12, 2012

Thursday wasn't a particularly exciting day. I went in to work a bit earlier than Wednesday to deal with a few emails and then stayed for our monitoring shift. Most of that was spent troubleshooting one issue, followed by a long conference call at the end of the shift to try to figure out another. Nothing particularly exciting--just fine-tuning the instrument and making sure the data is all coming down ok.

Sometime Thursday we went within 140 miles of Vostok Station, the Russian station that holds the record for coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth. We're around a quarter of the way around, and so far our flight path looks good.

The two other experiments out at LDB have a web presence as well. Steve from BLAST is blogging at and Asad from EBEX at .

If you want to see their Super-TIGER Launch entries/Photos, they're at for Steve's and for Asad's.

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