Sunday, November 18, 2012

Garry's Last Day: November 18, 2012

Sunday marked the 21st day that the Super-TIGER team has been down on the ice. It also was our last day with Garry, our electronics technician. He's leaving sometime on Monday to return to St. Louis and work on other projects. Monday is also the scheduled arrival date of our PI (Principal Investigator), Bob Binns, and it sounds like Bob will get off the plane and Garry will get right on it and head back. It's a little weird to be at the point where people are already going home, but Sean and Thomas will head back in a week or so, and Frank will head home at the end of the month.

We rode on Deltas out to the LDB site like every Sunday.  For lunch, we had the leftover meat from Friday's lunch, which Frank made into kebabs on Saturday. It was good.

Otherwise, work continued on much the same as it has. Garry finished up a few more spare electronics boards, we kept tweaking the calibration settings on the instrument during our muon runs, and the insulation on the bottom is almost finished. I went to the science talk Sunday night, which was about ice cores that this team has extracted from the sea ice. They were able to drill around 3700 meters deep, and extract the ice. This is a big difference from last week's talk, which involved hot water drilling (which definitely does not leave the ice intact). It was pretty interesting.

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