Monday, December 29, 2014

The SuperGroom Team Gets to SuperTIGER, COSI Launch, and Other McMurdo Happenings: December 27-30, 2014

There hasn't been too much happening with those of us on the recovery team left in McMurdo the past few days. Sunday, three Twin Otter flights from Thomas Hills landed at the SuperTIGER site and the SuperGroom Team set up camp. They've started digging out the instrument and grooming the ski-way. It only took 694 days, but SuperTIGER finally got some company out on the ice.

The rest of us will be joining them in a few days, once the skiway for the Basler has been groomed. We've been officially approved for our most recent modified plan, which involves the rest of the recovery team (Tiger Tail) going through the South Pole on the way to SuperTIGER, and the entire recovery team going through the Pole on the way back. We still don't know when exactly we'll head down to the Pole or which plane we'll take to get there, but we're at the point where it's just figuring out flights and not worrying about too many other things.

COSI had a successful launch yesterday. They sat out on the launch pad waiting for the winds to be right for a long enough time that I fell asleep and missed the opportunity to watch the launch live from the Scott Base hill, but I did get to see it on the webcam.

Dana has been working out at LDB helping pack up ANITA stuff, and Sean and I have been hanging around in McMurdo. The weather has been relatively nice, so I've been doing a lot of hiking, and have walked down to Hut Point to check for penguins every day. There haven't been any that I've seen, although apparently there was one at LDB a few days ago.

Otherwise, we're just waiting. Hopefully we'll be on our way before too long!

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