Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another quiet weekend, and four more ANITA launch attempts: December 12-15, 2014

Thursday night, after we got everything into Science Cargo and had dinner, we went over to Scott Base for the store and America night at the bar. Thomas and I walked over, and then I took the shuttle back with Sean. The weather was nice, so the walk didn't seem as long, and by the end I actually was almost too hot. The area in the front near where the store used to be has been redone, and there's now a fancy conference room with a great view next to the new store location.

Since everything but our personal gear/clothes is in the cargo system, there isn't too much else for us to do besides wait around to go to the field. The plan as it stands right now is still in flux, but it sounds like it will be a while yet before we're able to leave.

ANITA has been trying to launch the last few days. There was another unsuccessful launch attempt on Friday, and again on Saturday, and again on Sunday. Sunday's looked promising enough that I spent the afternoon watching the webcam, ready to head out to the hill above Scott Base to watch the launch, instead of doing anything else. Monday we went out to LDB for some errands and lunch (and also because on Saturday and Sunday there was an Emperor Penguin sighting!). There was no sign of any penguins today, but we did get to see ANITA's 5th launch attempt. They rolled out onto the launch pad and were basically ready to go when the weather changed and it got windy, so they had to come back inside. The weather the next few days doesn't look too promising, but we'll see.

There's not much else exciting happening down here--the big excitement this next week will be the CODEL, or Congressional Delegation, of 10 representatives (and staff, and other officials coming with). Weather permitting, they'll get here tomorrow and tour the South Pole and McMurdo later this week.


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