Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Basler Arrives!: January 15, 2014

Today I woke up and walked over to the elevated station to check the flight scroll and confirm that the Basler was indeed supposed to be heading to Pole today. Everything looked good, and after we checked in with the SuperTIGER site Sean and I went out to our cargo and double-checked that we had everything ready to go. At that point, the thought was that the Basler might continue on to SuperTIGER and then back to the Pole today, but we knew that might be pushing the limits of flying time allowed in a single duty day for the flight crew.

We warmed up in the galley with some hot chocolate and talked with Bryan, the Twin Otter flight engineer, who told us that the Basler was just going to stop here for the day. We had some bad weather coming in in the late afternoon. We relaxed a bit after that, but made sure we had everything ready. A bit after lunch, the Basler arrived. We wandered out there about a half-hour after they landed, just as the flight crew was finishing up everything they needed to do. The flight crew is in the Hypertat with us tonight, so we showed them where it was and had a talk about flying out to the payload. It sounds like the only thing we're waiting for is weather.

A bit later, we had a talk with them about weights and how much stuff we could fit both going to SuperTIGER (much less weight because they have to bring a lot of fuel) and coming back. It all sounded good, so we're hoping for good weather tomorrow!

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